Greatest Tip of the Millenium: How to Rob Millions of People Off Their Wealth

Below is an interview of William K. Black on Bill Black is the author of the book The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to Own One. The interview is divided into 5 parts. Below is the summary of each of the parts and the videos:

Part #1 – In the first segment of the interview he speaks about the deliberate conscious fraud on Wall Street that has been happening for a long time. He mentioned that in 2004 the FBI has already warned of a mortgage fraud epidemic in the following years but nothing was done about it.

Part #2 – In the second segment of the interview Black speaks of how the wealth has been transferred the whole time from the poor to the wealth. This has been the reason all along why the poor have become poorer and the wealthy only wealthier. Here William Black describes what is happening to the US is like becoming like Indonesia under the tyrant Soeharto (1967-1998).

Part #3 – In the third segment of the interview it is discussed how the financial crisis has become this overwhelming is because there was no acknowledgment that the losses of finances actually exist. And instead of learning the lesson, the government is still lying about the loss.

Part #4 – In the fourth segment of the interview you will see how the financial sector can be restored in only 10 steps but the government just does not want to do it.

Part #5 – In the last segment of the interview William Black shows you how the next big thing is going to be much much worse.