The Great American Empire To Become A Third World Nation

The definition of a third world nation, according to Robert Kiyosaki, is a nation with a “dwindling middle class, leaving only the rich or the poor on either side. ” Many economist and forecasters have been predicting that America is turning into a third world nation. We hear forecasts saying that the American Empire is going to collapse and be desolate; Americans will be more worried about getting food on the table than getting gifts under the Christmas tree; the US dollar will only worth dimes in a few years; kidnapping happening in the third world countries will rise in the US; there’s going to be a revolution; and disintegration in the USA and so on and so on.

Kiyosaki, in his online interactive book titled Conspiracy of The Rich, wrote:

Currently, I am sitting in beautiful Rio de Janeiro. Famous Copacabana Beach is on my left, and the slums of Rio are on my right. Yesterday, I persuaded my host to drive me through one of the slums, or slams, as they call them here. The ride, which lasted less than ten minutes, was almost as exciting as flying in Vietnam. Because the residents knew we didn’t belong there, tensions rose the moment our car entered the slum. I dread to think what would have happened if we had been forced to stop. We kept dodging people as they yelled in Portuguese, “What are you doing here? What do you want?” These massive slums are hostile environment controlled by drug lords, and the police rarely enter.

The slums in Rio are growing bigger every year. They are a world unto themselves, run by their own leaders, following their own rules. As the economy continues to deteriorate and more people move from the country to the slums, I wonder what will happen to beautiful Rio in the near future. Crime and poverty are escalating.

Disturbingly, I see this happening all over the world. Cape Town, South Africa, one of the biggest beautiful cities I’ve visited has similar problems that are just as big, if not bigger. As famine and war spread across Africa, more and more people migrate to cities for sanctuary and work. Sacramento, California earlier this year saw the start of a tent city, filled with people who, just a year earlier, were living the American dream with good jobs and expensive homes. Honolulu was recently voted one of the meanest cities in America when it came to dealing with homeless people. As a resident of Hawaii, I understand why hotels do not want homeless people sleeping on Wakiki Beach… yet, I feel for those displaced persons.

Due to conspiracy of the rich, America is becoming a third world nation.

William Black, who wrote The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to Own Them, stated in this interview that if America keeps doing what it is doing now with the economy, it will become just the same as the third world nation, Indonesia, under the tyrant Soeharto.

Below in the video, Gerald Celente explains that America may become even worse. The collapse of the American Empire may even be as bad as it was with the Zimbabwe collapse. Watch the two part video below: