Jim Rogers: QA at Misis Institute Supporters Summit – Should We Move to Singapore?

Jim Rogers on a QA session with Lew Rockwell and the audience. Jim Rogers actually sees that there is a possibility of another war coming. According to historians, whenever you have had a shortage of raw materials in the world, it is led to war. The same will happen in today’s world, where shortages of raw materials or commodities are becoming more and more acute unfortunately it will be a beginning of another war.

Rogers urges Americans to learn to put their money into real assets as he believes that the American government will not do anything else to save the economy except for printing more and more money. Although Rogers believes that the US dollar is not going to go down dramatically everyday or every year as there will be great rallies on the dollar but it is important to learn how to protect yourself by investing in real assets or other currencies. In the next 10-15 years any raw material will be doing much better than any assets on paper. Farmland is one of the best investments a person can make.

Answering Lew Rockwell’s question whether to move to Singapore, Rogers said:

Paige and I did this because we have these two little girls. We want them to be well-educated. As many of you know, American education is not terribly good these days. Singapore kids come always on top in most international testing. In fact there was an article in front of New York Times the day we got here a week or so ago, talking about how many American schools are starting to teach Singaporean math. And I would tell you, my little girl is in the first grade, and I help her with her Math, and I’m already having trouble. God knows what’s going to happen when she’s in the fourth or fifth grade. I have to call some of you up and say what do we do here? This is serious stuff.

Rogers regarding moving to Singapore, Rogers says that this is a personal decision to make. He is not suggesting that anybody should leave but if Americans are looking for a different life, there are fabulous opportunities in Asia these days. As I said, Asia is where the assets are. Throughout history, you have never heard people say, “Look at all the debtors over there.” Why are we immigrating where all the debtors are? Throughout history people have said, “Look at all the money! Look at all the assets!”