Max Keiser: Germany to Emerge as the World’s Next Superpower, Competing Head-to-Head with China

Max Keiser on Russia Today pointed out that out of all the countries in Europe that have been flipping houses, doing real estate speculation and creating ponzy scheme with loans and mortgages. However, Germans are savers and sound business people and therefore nobody in Germany is taking mortgages like this, nobody is flipping houses. As a result they are in a much better position now while other European countries are struggling.

The impact of the global financial on Germany is only adding towards the ability of the country to break from from the European Union. In the future, Germany will be the next superpower competing head-to-head with China. As for other countries such as the US, the UK, and continental Europe outside Germany that doesn’t produce anything.

Keiser predicts the rise of Germany again in the near future. They will be a reconstituted Germany, with their own central bank and own currency again.